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The Stringer Literary Agency  LLC

Representing Professional Authors.

Building Careers One Book At A Time.


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The Stringer Literary Agency LLC 

is a full-service literary agency with offices in Florida and New York

specializing in commercial fiction & select nonfiction since 2008.

Professional Affiliations


AALA (formerly AAR)

The Authors Guild

       Marlene Stringer:

  • Book club fiction that straddles the commercial/literary line

  • Historical fiction

  • Women's Fiction, both contemporary & historical 

  • Older YA, both fantasy and contemporary

  • Crime Fiction

  • Thrillers of all types

  • Suspense

  • Mysteries of all types

  • Romance (except erotic)

  • Psychological Horror

  • Magical Realism

Shari Maurer:


  • Picture Books

  • Middle Grade: Contemporary, Historical, Literary and Mystery

  • YA: Contemporary, Historical, Literary, Mystery



  • Juvenile (YA and Middle Grade)

  • Memoir

  • Narrative

  • Parenting

  • Popular Science

Please keep in mind that we close submissions from time to time in order to catch up.

Do not send Literary(except where noted above in Juvenile), Inspirational, Screenplays, Plays, Poetry, Short Stories, Comedy, Erotica or Erotic Romance, True Crime, Genre Western, Religious(or books featuring abusive priests, nuns, pastors, etc.), or Instructional. We are not interested in seeing any projects that include abuse of children or animals as plot elements.

Query Info

What Do You Want To See In A Query?

A query letter should be one page in length, include a synopsis/pitch of one or two paragraphs about your work, the genre, and word count, and pertinent information about your previous publishing experience, if any. 

If you're querying non-fiction, make sure you include detailed information about your platform in your query.

Please include the requested materials along with the query cover letter and synopsis on the form where indicated.

We only accept queries for manuscripts that are completed, polished, and proofread. 

Q & A




May I re-query a manuscript that has been rejected?

Unless we’ve indicated in the original response that we are interested in taking another look at your manuscript, the answer, regretfully, is no. You are always welcome to try us on a future project.

When should a writer think about querying a literary agent for fiction?

A previously-unpublished writer should only query literary agents after the manuscript is:

  • Complete

  • Revised

  • Polished

  • Read by independent and qualified readers.

For non-fiction, query when you have a fully-developed proposal.


Manuscripts should be submitted in standard format.* 

Make sure the pages you send are finalDon't ask to resend replacement pages.


Publishing is subjective. What appeals to one agent may not be right for another.

Can I expect feedback?

Usually not. Our job is to evaluate manuscripts for sale, not to critique or provide feedback. We recommend critique partners, critique groups, or beta readers to provide feedback.


*Basic standard format: Times New Roman or Courier, 12pt font. Double-spaced. 1" margins. Header w/author last name, and title. Page numbers on top right. Title page with name and contact information. 



You Never Know Where The Next Great Story Will Come From

StringerLit welcomes queries from both published and unpublished writers in our areas of interest. 

Don't waste your time, or ours. Do your homework on the agency before you query and submit.

We do not charge reading or other types of evaluation fees to review submissions.

StringerLit is now working with Query Manager. We only accept queries through the form(link outlined in red) below. Queries sent otherwise are deleted unread.

Do not query more than one agent at a time. If we feel a ms is more suitable for a colleague, we'll refer.

Do not query more than one manuscript at a time.

Review query guidelines before sending.

We only accept submissions from authors, not submission services, or other third parties, etc.


Average response time is up to two weeks on queries, and up to three months on full manuscripts. We strive to respond as quickly as possible. Current clients' work always takes precedence. 


If you have not received a response in the time period indicated, please re-query.

Click on the buttons below to submit.

Some StringerLit Authors

Resources for Writers 

Association of Authors Representatives, Inc.-

Romance Writers of America (RWA) -

Historical Novel Society -

Mystery Writers of America (MWA) -

Sisters in Crime  -

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) -

​International Thriller Writers (ITW) -

​Women's Fiction Writers (WFWA)-

​Horror Writers --

​The Authors Guild -​​​

​Publishers Marketplace - 

​Query Tracker:

Read Stephen King's ON WRITING




The Stringer Literary Agency LLC

8429 Lorraine Road


Lakewood Ranch, FL  34202


For any general or rights inquiries, please fill in the following contact form. This form is not for submissions. 

Thank You!

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