Charlie N. Holmberg - The Paper Magician
Liane Merciel - Heaven's Needle
Alyxandra Harvey - Haunting Violet
Gabi Anderson/Gabi Stevens - Wishful Thinking
Stephanie Thornton - The Secret History
Alex Bledsoe - Time of the Season
Michelle Diener - In a Treacherous Court
Erica Hayes - Blood Cursed
Shari Maurer - Change of Heart
Geoffrey Wilson - The Place of Dead Kings
Randi Barrow - Saving Zasha
Alex Prentiss - Dark Waters
Andrea Thalasinos - An Echo Through The Snow
Susannah Sandlin - Absolution
Bethany Wiggins - Shifting
Jennifer Blom - Possum Summer
Beth Orsoff - Girl in the Wild
Katie Schickel - Housewitch
Suzanne Johnson - River Road

Full-Service Literary Agency

The Stringer Literary Agency LLC is a full-service literary agency based in Naples, Florida.  We represent professional authors and welcome queries in:

  • Mystery
  • Thriller
  • Contemporary & Urban Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Historical Fiction
  • Science Fiction
  • Young Adult/Teen
  • Women’s Fiction

Our agency represents select non-fiction, including parenting, history, music, sports and popular science.  If your manuscript falls between categories, or you are not sure of the category, query and we’ll let you know if we’d like to take a look.  We do not represent picture books, plays, short stories, poetry, academic, or memoir.

Learn more about our submission process.